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6 Ways To Run An Effective Brainstorming Session

Posted by admin on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Brainstorming sessions are meant to serve as a toll to produce ‘ideas’ that are inspired through creative means. When conducting a brainstorming session, consider the following as key components necessary for an effective methodology: 1. State The Challenge Stating your challenge is the key component for an effective brainstorming session. Often, participants are not aware [...]

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A Creative Outlook On The Economy! Are You Ready?

Posted by admin on Sunday, June 7th, 2009

It isn’t very difficult to find yourself depressed and worried about loosing your job in these tough times. But if you are one of those not-so-rare individuals who have lost their job, finding another position to meet your lifestyle needs is rather difficult. In fact, I can jump on all major news sites, BBC, CNN, [...]

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10 Posts To Get You Inspired

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Sometimes the smallest things can spark the biggest ideas. That is why I decided to publish on inspirational post that I personally reference frequently. Enjoy and Happy Inspiration! Top 5 Most Inspirational Videos on YouTube 21 Truly Impressive And Eye Catchy Collection Of Free Textures Ask for What You Want Yes, we kern Writing Workshop [...]

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Visual Literacy – Expand Your Creativity

Posted by admin on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Our culture is extremely visual. Everything from TV, advertising, movies, magazines, architecture, interior design, video games, im sure you get the point…

Visual Literacy is defined “as the ability to understand communications composed of visual images as well as being able to use visual imagery to communicate to others.”

In order to become visually literate, one must practice expressing their thoughts and ideas in visual forms such as drawings (encoding) and translating/understanding the meaning of visual imagery (decoding).

Visual literacy isn’t always easy. In fact some artists make their visual work difficult to understand, and only those truly observant will understand. Show me a photograph, and there is an excellent chance I will be able to interpret the photographers intentions only because of my years of practice and dedication.

Benefits of Visual Literacy

·      Increase of Creative Capacity

·      Enhanced Observational Skills

·      Improves visual represented comprehension (charts, graphs..etc.)

·      Improves Capacity to Develop Powerful Concepts and Solutions

·      Enhances Ability to Think Simplicity

Sure visuals can be complicated, but those that have the most powerful concept are the simplest in form. If you are out to problem solve and need to understand the concept of simplicity, visual literacy is a great way of getting there.

Visual Literacy

Take a good look at the above image. I shot that image while I was in Wisconsin. I used special lens filters on my camera just to get my intention across visually. Any ideas on what I was trying to portray? Leave a comment and lets see what everyone comes up with. It’s a good starting point.

Those who are creative tend to have a high capacity of visual literacy. Unfortunately many major institutions other than design schools have tested visual literacy, however, I am big believer in Visual Literacy. It helps Problem Solve, and problems are a large part of everyday life. So why not emphasize something so important to everyday life?


Mitesh Solanki

Posted in: Brainstorming Techniques, Creativity, Education, Problem Solving, Science of Creativity.

14 Responses to “Visual Literacy – Expand Your Creativity”

  1. jane Says:

    I dont even know where to start interpreting that image. Perhaps a follow up post on how to go about interpreting visuals?

  2. Tustin Says:

    Mitesh I think its a lost world?

    Interesting post its one of your best!!!

  3. gia combs-ramirez Says:

    This was fun and challenging!

    How about a message for death: “Go to the light.”

  4. Bruce Says:

    Great post Mitesh! I love the sun bursting through the trees as if it has a message for us. I’ve been reading A LOT on visual literacy. I work in technology integration at the elementary level and find ways to increase visual literacy lesson plans because our culture, as you so clearly wrote, is extremely visual. Thanks for the post too!

  5. sharad ambulkar Says:

    Dear Mitesh

    Very good shot & you are using special lens filters. i love this photo
    sharad ambulkar

  6. Karyn Says:

    What a great shot. When I look at your photo I see a spider’s web. It is interesting to read other peoples interpretations of your shot. I would really like to know your intention for this photo.

  7. Anna Says:

    To the image signifies hope ” There is a light at the end of the tunnel”. The trees are dark, ovewhelming / overpowering…but if overcome there will be a rewarding/ inspiring outcome. I’m surious what interpretation you were looking for? What were you trying to express.

  8. jc Says:

    haha…I’m so glad that what I see is what someone else sees..I looked at it and I, too, saw a spiderweb. What were you trying to portray.

  9. Somer Tavana Says:

    This is a good piece of content, I was wondering if I could use this piece of writing on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  10. Velia Flippo Says:

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my very first comment. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this weblog very often.

  11. Nickole Schug Says:

    I must say you have a cool post. This hit the spot and then some! Thanks for posting this and sharing it with the world. I’ve just bookmarked your site. And I will check back soon to read your other articles. Keep up your awesome work.

  12. Peter Jones Says:

    The sun is a single source of light, it provides vision. It does this through untold parallel rays of light. Each with a unique chance to illuminate and shed light on darkness.
    P.S. The conceptual framework below may be of relevance to readers here?

    Visualization resource page:
    Blog: Welcome to the QUAD:
    Hodges’ Health Career – Care Domains – Model
    h2cm: help2Cmore – help-2-listen – help-2-care

  13. Jay Ellingson Says:

    I see the darkness as a representation of the creative process in my own mind and the ideas how to restart my creative engine is the light filtering down through the canopy. Though the sun may be a single source of creativity once my creative forces reach the level of a child’s the light we be reflected both inside and outside and no darkness will be found.

  14. Neftalí Says:

    Reflection, that’s what you are trying to communicate. I’m right?

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